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31.03.2017 - Jakub Lasota

Realisation of the EU funded project

We are proud to announce that Qvistorp S.A. implements a project financed by the European Development Fund - „Realisation of the first stage of expantion of Quistorp S.A. based in Szczecin on the Finnish market through participation in economic missions and bilateral meetings in Finland”.

The project's goal is to implement the market expansion strategy and position Qvistorp S.A. on the Finnish market. The subject of the project is the organization of economic missions and bilateral meetings aimed at acquiring clients for the Company operating in the Finnish market. The key elements of the project are: Participation in the 600MInutesCFO Finland Management Event, the implementation of bilateral meetings with potential clients with the support and advise of the hired local consultants. The planned effects of the project are to create recognition and awareness of Qvistorp S.A. on the Finnish market and the closing the first deals for the sale of services and products of the company.

Value of eligible expenditure of the project: 169 770,00 PLN, EDF financing: 144 304,50 PLN.

Project implementation dates: October 2016 - October 2017

For further information, please contact:

Jakub Lasota, CPO/CFO, QVISTORP, +48 663 160 203

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