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27.09.2018 - Jakub Lasota

Realisation of the EU funded project

We are proud to announce that Qvistorp S.A. implements a project financed by the Smart Growth of European Funds Programme – “Platform for growth planning that impacts on taking successful RD investment decisions”.

The goal of the project is to launch a solution based on real options, for which the proposed project proposal has a base scenario and possible options. The solution will have a transparent model for preparing project proposals. The product will allow to compare hundreds of project proposals in real time, using a variety of criteria and tools.

The study will answer the questions whether the project is technically possible, economically justified - it will generate a profit, adequately protected from the legal side and intellectual property, the company is operationally boiled to allow the project to be implemented and whether the work plan allows for the execution of intentions within a set time.

Value of eligible expenditure of the project:300 000,00 PLN, financing: 210 000,00 PLN.

Project implementation dates: August - October 2018

For further information, please contact:

Jakub Lasota, CPO/CFO, QVISTORP, +48 663 160 203

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