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Training & Workshops

Our Experts are renowned and experienced theoreticians and practitioners in investment appraisals.

We provide trainings and workshops based on the industry best practices, with focus on actual problems solving and case studies.

During our courses and workshops we provide our students with QVISTORP GROWTH software.

The dedicated courses include:

Investment appraisal - theory & practice, inc.

  • Methods, models and KPIs
  • Financial and economic modelling
  • Cost of capital estimation
  • Interpretation of results
  • Stress-testing methods

Capital Budgeting - best practice process framework including:

  • Project classification
  • Analysis standardization and comparability
  • Corporate-wide assumptions
  • Project evolution staging
  • Horizontal and vertical risk adjustment
  • Portfolio prioritization methods

Measuring Project and Portfolio Risk:

  • Crowdsourcing qualitative risk assessment
  • Risk matrices
  • Quantitative methods:
    • Sensitivity Analysis
    • Scenario Analysis
    • Monte-Carlo Simulatitions
  • Value at Risk and CashFlow at Risk


Introducing our solutions to large organizations often involves many people and changes the investment project evaluation processes and methodologies.

We can support the roll-out with a range of professional services including (but not limited to):


  • investment project modeling/templates
  • stress-testing and simulation-based risk analysis
  • big data/data science analysis

System Integration

  • integrating Qvistorp products with corporate ERP and other systems
  • customised Business Intelligence features

Management Consulting

  • capital budgeting process implementation and optimization
  • asset management and maintenance (ISO 55000 and PAS 55)
  • operations strategy
  • production excellence

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