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Our solutions in practice.

Industrial Capital Budgeting

State of art capital budgeting process in one tool

  • Schedule your Capital Expenditures and depreciation
  • Model individual business cases in line with the best practice methodology, assuring comparability between the projects
  • Set up step-by-step framework for analysis and track changes with versioning and activity streams
  • Use corporate-wide macro assumptions and automatically update all your on-going projects
  • Stress-test, analyse risk matrixes and strategic impact of the projects
  • Create capital budget consisting of i.e.: mandatory, replacement, modernisation, capacity expansion and R&D type of projects.
  • See the portfolio cross-sections and drill down details on the fly.
  • Activate, move and scale your projects, prioritize and optimise the budget to match the organisation strategic KPIs.

Dedicated to heavy industry companies improving or replacing their tangible assets base.

Research & Development

Ultimate funnel for R&D proposals

  • Create framework for funnelling innovative projects
  • Plan your R&D expenditures and deliverables based on projects development stages
  • Keep consistency in the evaluation and decision process
  • Adjust the cost of capital in line with the project's development stage
  • Create clustered projects based on real options and decision trees
  • Crowdsource the project's risk assessment and risk mitigation processes
  • Prioritize and optimise R&D Portfolio

Dedicated to companies with extensive New Product Development / Solution Development processes.

Product Management

Product management and life-cycle decision support.

  • Identify long-term value drivers among hundreds of projects
  • Support product life-cycle decisions with economic analysis: i.e. brand re-inventing, re-positioning, entering new markets or discontinuing.
  • Estimate breakeven for strategic marketing campaigns

Dedicated to FMCG companies managing consumer brands and products.

Chain Management

Identify the growth patterns of your chain

  • Create P&L templates for the business cases
  • Compare actual results with forecasts
  • Use automatic long-term forecasting algorithms
  • Perform portfolio cross-sectional analysis based on brands, store sizes, geo locations etc.
  • Drill-down data – quickly access the particular store data & information from the portfolio level
  • Improve your expand / replace / divest decision with hard data and advanced analytics

Dedicated to retail, hotel, restaurant and other Commercial Real-Estate chains.

Corporate Banking / Financing Decision Making

Financial montage modelling and financing decisions based on standardized best practice evaluation process

  • Schedule Capital Expenditures and depreciation
  • Model individual business cases in line with the best practice methodology, assuring comparability and decreased risk of human errors
  • Stress-test, analyse risk matrices and strategic impact of the projects
  • Visualise the analyses’ results and present them at decision committees

Dedicated to corporate banking, financial institutions and state institutions involved in project financing

Private Equity / Corporate Governance

High-level strategic control support system.

  • Benefit from improved transparency and control across your group
  • Set-up unified investment project process across all the entities in the group
  • Get access to real-time standardised and comparable data and information

Dedicated to private equity funds and holding companies.

Impairment Testing

Speed-up and optimise IAS 36 impairment testing process

  • Model your Cash Generating Units (CGU) as projects
  • Plug your CGU's into common corporate assumptions
  • Verify CGU's recoverable amounts quickly and effectively
  • Perform CGU's sensitivity analysis (discount rate, key variables)

Dedicated to industrial companies required to perform impairment tests under IFRS.

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