Strategy is a pattern in a stream of decisions.
- Henry Mintzberg

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What Is Benefits Management & How Does It Tie Into Project Success?

Having a clear and effective benefits management plan is vital to the success of your next project. Having a benefits management plan helps you monitor your projects to ensure that they affect permanent change. Find out how implementing a benefits management plan can help ensure that you get the optimal value from investment in your next project.

A Guide To Benefits Mapping For Your Business

Have you ever been so engrossed in a project that you start wondering why exactly you are doing it? Unclear project goals can prevent project teams from being entirely certain about the purpose of a project.

10 Notable Benefits of Project Portfolio Management

It’s no secret that businesses flourish when they deliver projects successfully – more so when multiple projects are managed at the same time. While that may sound easy; significant effort, time, and resources are required to successfully create a project portfolio management strategy that works.

Strategic Portfolio Management – the next big thing according to Gartner

We live in times when high adaptability to new conditions is invaluable. The last two years have shown us that we can't be sure of anything – especially in business matters. What can help us to be more flexible and ready for anything that life throws our way?

Project, Program & Portfolio Management: Key Differences

All businesses need to implement efficient project management into their operational model, and the burning question most face is “project management vs portfolio management?”

Why must Digital Transformation go far beyond a Buzzword if it's to bring Value to Your Organization?

C-Suite managers often have several misgivings when it comes to the concept of digital transformation. They may believe that is just corporate marketing speak. Or, they think that it requires drastic changes to an organization’s culture and business practices.

How To Create A Unique Value Proposition With Your Product Or Service

A unique value proposition (UVP) is a statement that shows why a customer would do business with your company. This includes why the customer should choose your company over a competitor.

What Are The Biggest Misconceptions About Project Management and Project Portfolio Management?

Project management involves creating processes for completing projects. These processes help ascertain the value of projects. Project portfolio management is the collective name for these processes. Over the last two decades, there has been much secrecy surrounding project management. This is because companies did not want to reveal their secrets to project success. Now, this has led to many misconceptions about the position.

How to be Successful with Your Strategy Execution, and Why So Many Organizations Fail to Implement Their Strategies

You’ve done your research and finally completed the strategic planning phase. A good plan is vital, so give yourself the credit you deserve! But, as you are probably aware, strategic planning is nothing without strategy execution.

5 Ways to Create Customer Value with Agile Portfolio Management

The Agile philosophy emphasizes testing, learning, and adapting as you go. This will ensure that no action undertaken is in vain, because after all: “There is nothing worse than doing well that which should not be done at all.” - Peter Drucker

What is an Innovation Strategy and How To Implement One

Strategy is all about weighing up the different options available to your business and choosing the path which is most likely to succeed. Innovation is an important addition to any good business strategy. This is particularly true for established corporations looking to optimize their model.

Why Should You Rely On Stage-Gate Models For Your New Product Development More Than Ever Before? 

The Covid-19 pandemic has kept us all guessing with regard to what happens next. As such, organizations have had to rethink the ways in which they do business. All this uncertainty calls for a product development system that will mitigate the challenges of the ‘new normal’. So, the Stage-Gate model is a system that organizations should rely on now more than ever before.

Four ways to redefine your organization through project portfolio management

How Covid Made the Project Portfolio Management an Essential Element on the Executives Agenda? Companies have had to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic quickly and decisively to adapt to the ‘new normal’. But what does the ‘new normal’ look like in terms of portfolio management and how do organizations navigate it?

Project Portfolio: “Doing the projects right” or “Doing the right projects”?

It is common to understand that Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is about "managing the implementation of multiple projects". However, project implementation is not the essence or the main goal of PPM. This task is the role of PMO (Project Management Office or similar unit in the organization) and project managers appointed to individual projects.

Common Pitfalls around the business case evaluation process

Recently we asked business leaders for their opinion about current, most common business challenges around evaluating the business case and strategic planning.

GIGO, Crystal ball and project economic modeling

GIGO (“Garbage In, Garbage Out”) is an economic modelling colloquialism that refers to a situation, where you are not sure about the quality of inputs (assumptions) and therefore your output KPIs bringing little or no value to the decision-making process.

The pitfalls of IRR and why MIRR is better...

Despite the IRR seems to be easy-to-use, it is not a mathematically simple measure, nor its underlying assumptions are that obvious. IRR is calculated based on the Project’s forecasted Free Cash-Flows, which throughout the life-cycle are assumed to be reinvested based on…. IRR (!).

Start analyzing the strategic impact and make your Business Case rock solid

Someone once told me that economic forecasting is like driving a car while blindfolded and taking directions from someone who is looking out of the back window.

Agile Portfolio Management - a Wake-up Call for post-Covid-19 Innovation

As Business Leaders, we always have to think strategically, anticipating what will happen next. However, if we had challenges to execute our strategy before the Covid-19 pandemic, why should we believe we will be able to do it properly now? The challenges around strategic execution remain, and Covid-19 might have only made them a little more visible.

How to make it out alive of the avalanche and not fall from the top?

The pandemic and its restrictions have impacted lots of business models across several industries. For many of them, unexpectedly, the demand for services collapsed almost entirely, and in most cases, those businesses were not ready to tackle this situation. The pandemic doesn’t cause just temporary damage to the economy, and the current crisis will leave a lasting mark on the markets for years to come.

Introduction to Projects & Portfolio Prioritization

We constantly make choices. So do organizations whose managers need to decide which projects will make a go. In many real-life situations, a universal “language” of mathematics will do the job. But what if it is not enough?

Agile Portfolio Management – part 1

You have probably seen this. A series of meetings, high-level strategy definition and strong commitment from all the participants. Everyone agrees, that from now on everything will be just perfect. The business outlook is promising, the competitive landscape has been analyzed deeply and there is even a plan on how to finally introduce the so-called “digital transformation” and therefore gain a little bit of agility and technological advancement

Is the enterprise a Project Portfolio?

Is the enterprise a Project Portfolio? PPM as a missing link between the strategy and operationalisation

5 Things About Crowdsourcing You Might Not Have Known

A few very useful things about crowdsourcing that you might forget or don't know. Short crowdsourcing guide with real use-cases.

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